Thursday, 28 April 2011


Yes folks, got my laptop, and I'm back.

Currently, I'm having a lookity at Tomb Kings for Kirby. Arkhan is in the book, and doing an army of Tomb Kings that is Nagash's at the end of the day is all kinds of awesome. So, that's happening. Read more!

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Hardware problems and grey knights.

Well, my PC finally died, hence the lack of activity. I get my replacement laptop on the 25th, hopefully. So, as a small update, with grey knights I'm either running terminators or this:

2 Inquisitors with incinerator, 2 skulls
5 warrior henchmen, 3 MM servitors, rhino
8 warrior henchmen, 3 melta guns, rhino
Ven dread with 2 s8 autocannons
6 units of 5 grey knights with psycannon and psybolt razor
3 dreads with s8 autocannons

Although I really like Mike Brandt's list, I just feel its a little exposed, and running a 500 to 700 point unit is bold. Read more!