Sunday, 26 September 2010

The Beginning of Something Wonderful...

So this is the grand opening of my blog I suppose. So here's what I'm going to put in it:

Warhammer 8th ed musings.
This isn't limited to any particular army. I see way too many 40k blogs these days, but WHFB seems to be mainly constrained to the forum. Well as the disbelieving friend said to the inventor of the feces-powered helicopter, THIS SHIT WILL NOT FLY. Here I'm going to talk about everything 8th ed that crosses my mind and I can be arsed talking about. A fair bit of it might be skaven related, but that's only natural from a skaven player.

So I bring you this, my humble attempt at a WHFB blog. Gonna say here, everything on this is my opinion. Getting that out the way now, feel free to disagree. Discussion and debate is good, but keep it friendly.

Starting now.


  1. More Fantasy discussion without a crippling case of forumitis is always good.


  2. more WFB bloggers - yes please

  3. Can't wait to get to drink some WFB kool-aid. But seriously, I'm just getting into 8th, so intelligent discussion on that subject would be most welcome.

    Change your logo though. That stretched out Shadowrun-esque thing looks awful.

  4. Thanks for the replies folks. In order;

    @ Chumbalaya. I agree completely. Thanks for the following. Now go out and spread the word. I need all the attention I can get, getting in to the blogging community is my current goal.

    @ Alex. Agreed! Completely. :3

    @ rosvojaska. I don't drink kool-aid, don't even know what it tastes like. The joys of being Scottish. However I do get Irn Bru, so I guess it balances out? I can't promise intelligent, but there will be discussion. Or at least rants.

    And if you think you're up for making me a logo, then see the post about Skavenblight's Design. (:. Otherwise... I agree, unfortunately. But I didn't expect this site to get any attention this quick. But shameless whoring to HoP, Kirby and Chumby seems to have heralded results!

  5. Nice start to a blog. It is always great to see more fantasy blogs floating about.

  6. Seeing your name makes me miss the day forums were pretty good. I remember getting some genuinely high standard stuff from forums.

    Hehe, been so long since I was on LO, forums kind of died a dead some time ago now. Last I was there proper I was playing the 3.5E Chaos book.

    Sorry, tangent is irrelevant. More WHFB blogs are always good, I agree. :3 Thanks for the compliment.

  7. hah, I wasn't aware that you were on LO. They can be good, but I find a lot of the topics have been discussed to death, unless they're based on a new release. It is a shame.

    If you are interested, I have added your blog to one of my own. I run a blog that tries to act as a hub for fantasy blogs. I have added your blog;

  8. *Adds it to the blogroll*

    Thanks dude! =]

    Yeah I was on LO, it was a long time ago though, as I said. And you're right, most of the forum chatter is either stuff you already know, or has been done to death. The best thing about forums is the sense of community I guess, but even then, the new blogosphere has that. =/