Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Skavenblight's Design. I need an artist (and some shameless calls out to other bloggers)...

So folks, here's the deal. I need a bit of a hand, and an opinion on my blog.

What I need from you all is an opinion. Based on some feedback by Lauby I want to know, does the black background bother people. I personally dislike white, and bright backgrounds, so I chose the black. However if it bothers people I'm more than happy to change it. Now, I don't have quite enough of a following to bother with a poll, so just comments will do for now folks.

Speaking of comments, if you're up for throwing my blog in to your blogroll (in return for me doing the same) just give me a shout. Or an email. Or some other method of communication, whatever.

Finally, I need an artist. I would absolutely adore you if you made me a title pic (skaven related ofc, preferably skavenblight related) and I would shamelessly plug you, have you mentioned on the front page, and whenever anyone says "picture" I'll go on a 50 word rant about you once made me a title picture. If you feel like you're up for the job, hit me up on this, or my email address (i_am_billy_worship_me@hotmail.co.uk). My (srs) business address is still down... so we have to work with the hotmail account that makes me sound conceited, but is actually an Illwillpress quote.

Anyway, comments are always welcome, as are people adding me to their blogrolls. Huzzah.


  1. My own blog is white writing on a black background and nobodies complained about it yet.

    I've been playing 40K for quite a while but I'm relatively new to Fantasy and Skaven so I'll be following your blog with great interest.

  2. Hey, the more followers the better! Welcome aboard I say. Please, make your opinions heard. :3

    I've been shamelessly advertising this site wherever I have been going, and I must say it's worked to some extent.

    Thanks for the feedback, another one for black. Seems Lauby is out of luck, a lot of my friends voted black as well.

    I don't think I can ever go back.

  3. I'd appreciate thicker letters or less dark background - the white letters on black ground are almost intelligible for me - to read this text I had to press CTRL-A - the resulting white letters on gray background are easier to read for me.

    I don't have this problem with black letters on white background though...

  4. I think White would look better....