Tuesday, 28 September 2010

I hate...

Something about 8th edition. This is something I'm going to do at the prompting of someone I have to say I admire (shameless flattery). Not homo. But seriously, if you somehow find your way here without knowing this guy then... The mind boggles. But here's his blog. http://dethtron.blogspot.com/ so go check it out.

Why do I bring this man up? Because this post is about hate. Not that dethtron hates everything, but he does have an air of disdain for a lot of the forum-centric warhammer world, and besides, this was his idea (indirectly).

Something I'm going to do for you folks is every sunday I'm going to do an article on something somebody hates about 8th edition, and how we (or they) can deal with it. It could be anything, from how luck-sack the game can be to how Teclis should just shrivel up (more) and die. So I'll pick whatever I want from the comments, and write an article about it. Like I say, anything. I will pick and choose, so if you want your idea to be chosen, make it something I could actually write an article about! If you have a specific hate however, I might just make it more general. For example, "Oh man I hate how bad Greatswords are for their cost!". I would probably write an article on overpriced troops/units or somesuch.

Anyway, hope you guys come up with some good ideas, if you don't, I'm going to do one anyway. And remeber to check out Dethtron's site (the article itself and joke at the end of the article are both inspired by him, hence the plugging).



  1. My favourite thing to hate in WFB is how unequal the armies are. Some just are plain better than others.

    I'm hoping that the 8th edition codexes will fix it though.

  2. I hate Dark Elves. There I said it.

    Compared to any other army, their magic items are cheaper and better. Their shooting is ridiculous. Their Magic is (debatable) better than a Slaan. Black Guard are ridiculous, a baker's dozen points is totally underpriced. Hydras are cheaper than HPAs and almost as good, if not better. HPAs were better in 7th, but with the breath weapons changes, and the charge distance changes, it is close.

    Do not get me wrong, I can and do beat DE players, but a well built army played by a good general is a pain.

  3. Power balance or dark elves. Both things I dislike. This is a tough call folks.