Friday, 12 November 2010

An apology....

Folks, let me apologise. With work, starting a new army, and general hectic-ness (organising a trip to australia) my blog has fallen by the wayside somewhat. I will continue to make at least a post a week, but for perhaps the next week or two it will be a much slower event.

Sorry folks >:

I promise, that guide to magic and the skaven guide will be up as soon as I can spare the time. I could write it when I get home from work but I can tell you now it wont be to an acceptable (by my standards) quality.

Thanks folks. And sorry. >:


  1. Unacceptable, you-you will be punished-punished puny manthing.

  2. Australia? and you're not taking me? For CERTAIN, unacceptable!

  3. Loquacious it would be fantastic if you came along. Give me someone to talk to on the flight.

    Chumb, I may actually churn out a brief Skaven article tonight. ^^

  4. Now i'll have to find another person to play devils advocate to.