Sunday, 14 November 2010

Skaven. Part Three - Core Choices Section A.

Ok folks, back again with another review, this time core choices. Quite a bit shorter this time, don't worry. ^^

Ok then folks, today I'm talking about Slaves, Clanrats and Stormvermin, but not in that order! Here we have it;

As ever, I hope you enjoyed the article, and please comment on it, and the format! (As in audio format)

P.s. Blogger has stopped acting up, so I have to apologise for my lack of conversation on Rat Swarms. They'll be in the next post.


  1. 25% of your army- was something I did not know. Is that required, or just smart building?

  2. Bonus Points: Theme music is good. Nice style. You can tell when you go a little more off script, cause you start sounding more Ayrshire. :P
    I like the audio style, don't overuse it though. A few articles with words would be nice. Hey, I'm an English student, what can I say?

    Cons: Uh, remember to say everything you intend to. You didn't manage to slag off Hydras OR Teclis there. And if you mentioned Rat Swarms after the intro, I didn't hear it. Thats possibly because I was on facebook at the same time.

    All in all, awesome. Nice to see you posting more than like once a week again. ;)

  3. The reason I didn't talk about swarms is cause I looked at the clock and was at 14 minutes already. In addition, blogger decided to be a prick and not let me edit or post comments for 2 hours or so.

    That was entirely off scripted. I wrote maybe 20 words or so of script.

    Ideally I would love to write up a script and then have an audio over it (so if you're pressed for time you can just read) but that takes literally three times as long. I do get your point though, words are good.

    I didn't mention hydras or teclis this time because it wasn't relevant to this discussion tbh.

    Multiple posts cause I got off work early today. :D

    Loquacious- It's mandatory. You must take 25% core minimum, and cannot take over 25% lords, 25% heroes (they're seperate), 25% rare or 50% special.


  4. that does not even come close to adding up to a hundred.

    Or am I dumb, and missing some element of arithmetic that is not plain here?

  5. You MUST take a MINIMUM of 25% core.
    You CAN take a MAXIMUM of 25% of the rest (50% for special).


  6. Erm. Simply explained:
    You MUST spend(think 2 troops choices): at least 25% of your points on Core.
    You may spend UP TO: 25% of your points on Lord choices.
    You may spend UP TO: 25% of your points on Hero choices.
    You may spend UP TO: 50% of your points on Special choices.
    You may spend UP TO: 25% of your points on Rare choices.

    Err, hope thats clearer. Bout as simply as I can explain it tbh! :)

  7. Boo at audio without transcript. I can't listen to it at work. T_T

    I understand it takes way longer though. No worries, I suppose.

  8. good post man liked this one. I agree fully slaves are the way forward for skaven core.