Wednesday, 8 December 2010

2000 Daemons - They're still competitive!

So here's a bit of chatter over my "maybe" next army. A 2000 point Daemons of Chaos list. What do we think folks?


Herald of Khorne
Firestorm Blade
Armour of Khorne

Herald of Tzeentch
Master of Sorcery
Battle Standard Bearer

30 Bloodletters
Full Command
Icon of Endless War

30 Horrors
Full Command

5 Flesh Hounds

5 Flesh Hounds

6 Flamers

5 Flamers

Looks alright to me. Two big hard blocks, two pretty harsh flanking units, and two shooty skirmisher units. Redundancy!

Oh and some magic. >_> But we shall skip over that. Magic is (imo) the weak point. I might put the BSB on the HoK, so he doesn't die to Dwellers.

>_< Hope you guys enjoyed the article.


  1. I like it, but do you think Flesh Hounds still work in 8th? Their charm was they hit hard like Chaos Knights, wiped out the front rank and then lived to tell the tale. Now that people can step up they aren't the end all be all anymore. I haven't seen them on the table since 8th, so I'm curious how you use them. Harassing the flanks like a fast cavalry unit or for taking out MSU infantry?

  2. Taking out MSU infantry mostly. You're right though, I did think about dropping them but there's not much better to take really. I can't afford another herald otherwise I'd probably take a 2nd big block of bloodletters.

    I'm going to see how the HoTz tests, if he does well enough then great, if not it'll be a HoK and another 30 Bloodletters. Lol xD

    Of course, the Flesh Hounds might surprise me.

  3. Looks good but... small.

    I guess it just seems like a lot of points for a single wizard. Especially when a big block of horrors aren't going to win combat against very many combat-oriented blocks out there.

    The bloodletters are interesting though- assuming they can survive their approach to the enemy lines. T3 makes them rather sad. Hydras are going to have fun with that block for sure :) Seems like you might have the same sort of issues people have with the Chosen Star- MSU generally wins against something like that.

    Just my 2 cents :)

  4. Hydras won't hurt that unit very much, since the HoK has the Firestorm Black which gives Str 6 flaming attacks at Init 6. Chances are he will get a couple of wounds on the Hydra and cancel the regen, and then the rest of the bloodletters will chop chop chop.

  5. Heh, I more meant the Hydra would run up and use it's template on the unit. Not a good matchup in combat, but S5 breath weapons vs. a block of T3 infantry is pretty awesome, even when they have a 5++.

  6. With good positioning you can make it so the hydra has to run in front of the unit and can't make it to the flanks, so it will hit like 16 (still a lot) but then die next round. I'm ok with losing like 100pts to bag a hydra.

    And Hydras really don't like flamers, by the way. :D

    I've also been thinking over a Nurgle block, over a second block of Bloodletters. Mostly cause of that kickass banner they have. Not really sure yet though.

    Horrors are prolly gonna go, I only have +3 to dispel anyway, after probably turn one it'll most likely be +2 (+1 if they dwellers me no doubt). Starting to debate how worth it it is.

    The only thing is I do really like the Herald with Life magic, not so big on running him on his own. I might just run a small (around 10-15) block of horrors. Which would give me a metric tonne of bloodletters, as well as a nice unit for watchtower. ^^

  7. Life magic is so good with daemons, especially with blood letters in the mix. +2 toughness (or god help you +4) is game breakingly good. And besides Dwellers, the Horror unit is tough with a 4+ ward. SO if you can come up with a plan to stop Dwellers, that unit is a pretty strong anvil, especially with life magic in the mix.

  8. How does this sound, instead of 30 horrors make it 2 units of 10 and put the unit of bloodletters up to 40. The hounds are a nice touch, though I would drop them and try to get a level 4 in there if you can.