Monday, 6 December 2010

2000 Skaven. Leaning more towards combat.

Sorry the blog is pretty much on life support at the moment guys, but I am quite busy. Wait till new year after the christmas period (:. Hell even the christmas period, I'll be on holiday. Anyway, just a brief update after I found something very interesting in regards to the bell's rules.

If a cannon hits a Bell it only hits the seer on a 6. It still randomizes, because the Bell is a unique unit, which doesn't follow the rules for shooting allocation like a normal thing. I didn't know this. Makes it definitely worth taking now, as the seer's T4 with what is effectively a 2+ Look out Sir, a 6+ armour and a 4++ ward. Fantastic, means my general is much harder to kill with shooting and magic. Not much I can do about combat, but you can't win em all!

So, here's the latest list:

Grey Seer
Screaming Bell
Power Scroll
Ironcurse Icon

I'm not sold on the scroll, just cause it could be disastrous. But at the same time, it could be fantastic, and indeed, IF'd 13ths are something to be feared. I think it'll be something I will use in the later game, now my general is safe(r) up there. Perhaps after I've shot down half a unit of Temple Guard/White Lions...

Battle Standard
Banner of Discipline

Banner of Discipline so I can give it to the bell. He does not go in the bell unit if I'm up against someone with Dwellers though (I'd rather drop a LD step than give a really obvious target).

Warlock Engineer

T minus....

35 Clanrats
Full Command
Warpfire Thrower

Bell unit with WFT. Not much to dislike really.

57 Skavenslaves

57 Skavenslaves

Woah there! Much much much bigger anvils. Mostly cause this list is bringing Hellpits, which means I'll be able to fight some more in CC and don't need as many anvils. It also means they can pin things the hellpits can't deal with in place for pretty much the game.

10 Stormvermin
Warpfire Thrower

10 Stormvermin
Warpfire Thrower
Storm Banner

Useful, shooting into combat is ace. And they're good for harrying skirmishers and the like.

5 Gutter Runners

Sadly I can only afford one unit. This irritates me, but I can't find anywhere I can drop another 90pts. Any help?

Hellpit Abomination

Hellpit Abomination

Ra ra ra ra! Grrrr! And stuff. These give the list a much more short ranged and combatty focus, as well as adding target saturation to any "big thing hunters" I might come across. Next up, using walls and solid obstacles to stop cannons....

So that's the newest 2k. What do we think folks? I've not gone over 200 models in a while. Whew. This is at 182.

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  1. Ive got a segestion, two infact, on how to fit in the gutter runners. You could lose 1 of the hellpits and replace it with a warp lightning cannon and then put it to two units of 6 gutter runners. Alternitavely you could get rid of 17 slaves from each unit and the power scroll.