Thursday, 30 December 2010

El Motherlando Del Forro!

Ok then folks. Another post about Khador. This time we'll be looking at some lists I'm thinking about running.

Ok, so I have 4 lists at the moment I'm looking at, with a pIrusk one and an eIrusk one I'm still to make, because I feel I could definitely improve on the previous ones. So, first up we have a list for Kommander Sorscha Kratikoff! The Ice Queen. Quite the assassination caster, having played 3 games with her now she can get up to some serious bullshit if you don't know what you're up against. With a 27" threat range on her feat, she's not to be messed with. Here's the list:

10 Winter Guard w/UA + 2 Rockets
The Great Bears of Gallowswood
Kovnik Joe
Widowmaker Marksman
War Dog
Aiyanna and Holdt

I wouldn't mind a Koldun Lord in there. No, really. Because he can use Power Boost on the Behemoth in a turn when Sorscha uses Wind Rush, Feat, Tempest. It's really not uncommon.  No idea where I'd put it though. This is an assassination list that can also compete in objectives (as it can stop people moving on to them). Pretty simple list all said. Sorscha makes the enemy warcaster stationary, knocks down anything blocking LoS to it if it's necessary, then the caster takes an Eiryss shot, removing focus and upkeeps (not much I can do about fury camping hordes though), then the caster takes 2 bombards and as many other things that're in range as I can afford to fire at it. Simple, effective.

Ok next up we have The Old Witch of Khador. She's someone that I've yet to use so this is all theorymachine. From what I can gather she likes objectives (duh) and also ranged stuff. She doesn't seem like she supports anything up close and personal except crazy assassination runs with the Scrapjack. So, let's have a look see.

Old Witch of Khador
10 Winter Guard w/UA + 1 Rocket
Kovnik Joe
Gorman de Wulfe

Ok, this one is interesting I think. It's pretty Jack Heavy for Khador, but let me explain. Devastators will not move. They have Bulldoze. That makes them rock solid in objectives. Also, units have to cluster up to claim an objective. That means you can bulldoze your way in and turn that cluster into a clusterfuck. You can also bulldoze stuff out of objectives. Very good unit. The Behemoth is in because frankly he adds that ranged threat I discussed in my previous article. The Winter Guard are a good toolbox made better by Iron Flesh, eEiryss is a staple and Gorman really helps out with this list. It's much less assassination focussed than the previous list and works more on the grind and control aspects. However, this is a list very much for objective play.

Ok, so that ends our little looky for today. What do we think of the lists folks?

Hope you guys enjoyed the article.


  1. Why the Wardog with Sorscha? Winter Guard over Widowmakers, really? Hum - I might have to look at that.

    Maybe the new rules made her better but I really HATE Sorscha- I hope she's been fixed from beyond broken and no fun.

    Sorry, Old Witch N Scrappy are terrible from all experience I have. I'd rather go with a jackless army than field Old Witch... but again, rules may now be different.

    I can't figure out Irusk, so I look forward to that list.

  2. Wow. Are you a MKI vet or something? Old Witch is widely regarded as "the" Khador scenario caster, and pSorscha is now looked on as pretty crap due to the severe nerfing she got going in to MKII. She's kind of like the pKreoss of Khador now, except more flexible.

    War Dog is a fantastic unit for 1 pts. The amount of times it's saved me from ranged assassination with counter charge...

    I can Feel The Hate Loq.

    ^awful joke

  3. Sorscha has taken so many nerf-bats to the face it's not true. Her feat's still very strong in assassinations, but reducing its effectiveness to stuff in her line of sight and the introduction of Shake Effect for battlegroup pieces mean it's some distance from 'target opponent loses game'.

    I notice that you have trouble with Irusk, who I'd describe as a control and suppression warcaster, very like the Old Witch. This may be one of those 'not your playstyle' situations (and whatever has been said about playstyles this week, I think it's a valid point here).