Thursday, 9 December 2010

Daemons: Redux

Ok folks, so taking some of the feedback on board I wanna have another wee chat with you all about Daemons.

So, where this breaks down is that Life is a good lore for daemons. Check. Bloodletters are probably the mainstay unit in this list that defines whether it wins or loses. Check. Horrors are a nice anvil, but wont kill very much. Check. Horrors are the only unit in the army vulnerable to Dwellers. Check. Bolt of Change is really nice but it takes away from my ability to cast life magic. So basically guys, what do?

Things I'd like in the army:

  • A good magic phase.
  • 2 Fiends in the rare slot for killing weak crappy units.
  • 2 Combat blocks that can handle themselves.
  • 2 Units of Flamers.
Now I don't think that's unreasonable. What it pretty much comes down to is I'm not happy with the horrors. While the +3 is nice, and Bolt of Change is also nice, I don't know if they mesh in well enough with the list. The only problem is I have no alternative if I want magic. I need to run horrors, as they're the only viable wizards available (if I want a HoTz I need to run the horrors to give him somewhere to sit).  I mean, I could just run 10-15 and call it a day, but I dunno.

The other thing is life magic (as pointed out) is really good with daemons. Only problem is in my meta EVERYONE is bringing a level 4. So I don't know if me casting anything is really likely at all. Sure I get more dice but I'm not too likely to cast something if I roll up to about 2 dice more. And the only "really" vaulable spell is Flesh to Stone. Casting Dwellers is unlikely and I doubt anyone will let Throne through. Ugh, Daemons didn't get their killing power neutered, it was really just their magic. If I ever play 2.5k I'll be running either Kairos or a level 4 Greater Daemon. Lol.

So anyway, what do you guys think I should do with the list? My current thoughts are:

Drop Horrors to 15. Buy 2 Fiends, soup up Bloodletters a bit. Maybe even run them in Horde formation (they can actually get away with it in this list). I'm tempted to turn the list into being totally bloodletter-centric, but they're not "all that". Especially when the magic supporting them is only coming from a level 2. Alternatively I could just keep things as they were originally.

Dunno guys, what do we think? 


  1. My thoughts without thinking too deeply just stream of consciousness...

    If you deploy the Horrors as far back on your backline as possible, it will take two turns for your average caster to get within Dwellers range assuming they aren't fliers or cavalry. That should give you two magic phases. And assuming they are infantry, how close can they get to the bloodletters to cast Dwellers on a unit hugging your table edge without the mage getting smashed by the 'Letters?

    So given that, first turn you can throw 6 dice at Throne and hope for irresistible. And if you don't get the irresistible, at least your chances of casting it are good. Your opponent will have to throw 6 dice at it to ensure stopping it. Odds are even a L3 vs. L4 you have a better than half chance of getting it off when you factor in your chance to irresistible.

  2. well if they deploy thair mage at 12" and march 10" they can reach 10" into my deployment zone. Meaning I would need to deploy in a rank of one. Lol. Of course that's if I deploy directly opposite the mage.

    I'm starting to think magic really isn't worth investing so many points in. Instead I should be focussing on the Daemons' strength. Running up and hitting things until they die. I might just run with something like 10 horrors and a HoTz. For under 300 points it's not so bad.

  3. That's a solid idea. Run that small unit of Horrors, throw 6 dice a turn at Throne/Flesh to Stone and hope for the best while beating fast as quickly as possible.

  4. So the army would now look like this:

    Herald of Khorne w/Firestorm Blade + Armour of Khorne, BSB
    Herald of Tzeentch w/Master of Sorcery
    U'zuhl Skulltaker
    39 Bloodletters w/Full Command + Banner of Endless War
    10 Horrors w/Standard (blood and glory)
    2x5 Flesh Hounds
    5 Flamers
    6 Flamers
    2x1 Fiend of Slaanesh

    Might bulk the horrors up to 15, just for watchtower. Thoughts?

  5. I like it. It would be interesting to see how it plays on the table top.

    What does the standard on the Horrors do?

  6. It's there so I don't autolose when my general dies in Blood and Glory. >_>

    General will of course be Skulltaker. It might happen. He could get charged by a hydr-


    A hellpi-


    A balesword wielding grea-


    It could happen.

  7. Still going with my prev. comment in the last post.