Monday, 7 March 2011


A very brief post here covering my biggest mistake, my favourite game, my greatest achievement and stuff like that.

Ok, so, to sum it up (very briefly, i'm doing a full version on 3++ soon)

My greatest achievement was....
I played Kirby round 3 and edged out a victory. As we had to end T5, it was very much in my favour. Could have gone either way turn 6, and it was most likely his game turn 7.

Favourite Game:
Round 4 against Dennis.... Jeez. Now, I want to say right here and right now, this was my favourite game of the whole event, and any bitter/hate/anger here is directed at me for fucking up, and not him. He played a fantastic game, and I honestly didn't deserve to win.

Now.... let me explain. My big mistake here is I misread my scenario sheet. I looked at it, and looked at round 5, because it was the 2nd last one on the sheet (out of 6) and it was my 2nd last game. Hence, I played for objectives. This is why I won the secondary. Dennis however played a very solid game in the midfield, and raped me for quarters, played well, and won. However, because I thought it was objectives, I threw turn 5 away as I already had it (or so I thought), and man... Ugh. At the time, I didn't see much of a way to get it back. Lemme explain the board corners at the start of my turn 5:

 Top Left
Dennis Had:
Prime, about 20 Gaunts (~200)
I had:
Trukk, Ork Squad (152)

Top Right
Dennis Had:
Tervigon, about 10 gaunts (~230)
I Had:
1 Trukk and 2 buggies (~120)

Bottom Left
Dennis had:
Zilch (0)
I had:
11 Shootas, 2 Buggies,6 Kans, Battlewagon (~600)

Bottom Right
Dennis had:
HT + Guard, 3 Hive Guard (these might have been top right, not sure), Mawloc, 2 Tyrannos (~1000)
I had:
10 Shootas + Nob, 2 Trukks, Wagon w/Mek (~300)

Now, when I realised what was done, I asked if I could play out my movement, thinking I could throw enough into the bottom right to win. Stupid really, even if Dennis had let me do it (he didn't, and I don't condemn him at all, I'd have done the exact same thing). What I should have done is move the battlewagon in my bottom left to the top left. Then I would have tied the primary, it'd have gone to objectives, and I would have won.

The fucking fury I had at myself could not be described. Ask ComradeCowboy. I actually woke up in the middle of the night, sat bolt upright and went



Anyway, as to the event, much more detailed shit coming up on 3++, but it was absolutely awesome, good opponents, some of the best games I've had in my life, Matt is possibly one of the soundest guys you'll ever meet, SneakyDan drinks like a fucking elephant, Cowboy got cunted by crons, Vince's Night Lords fill me with nostalgia (he's also the most chilled dude I've ever met... sorry about the blood bowl again >:), Kirby is a cunt (and really white, and a really really weird drunk), and generally just thanks to everyone who made the event awesome.

Oh yeah. FUCKING THIRD WITH FUCKING ORKS. An army I'd been playing for, I dunno, 8 hours before the event. FUCKING THIRD. 2nd if you count Josh's DQ. I don't though. He fucking deserved 2nd, played a really rough game and a small math error on his part shouldn't take ANYTHING away from that. And if anyone tries to belittle his achievement "aw no he cheated he totally didn't deserve it" then they CLEARLY didn't see him play. If I'm 2nd by formality, fuck off. I came 3rd.

With orks. Fuck you Kirby, stelek was right. ;]


  1. You give me hope that, maybe, my codexes don't suck and I, too, can become a Warhammer Hero.

  2. <3

    The list I used is probably the best ork list. (:

    Although not in battle point style tourneys. It sucks there.