Friday, 11 March 2011

Well, the new GK book stuffed henchmen, have some templates.

So guys, the new GK book stuffed henchmen. And Mordrak. Looking like purifiers are the only competitive build in the book.


However, this came up in conversation, the "armies i'm afraid of" in 5E. Basically, these are the 4 "generic" armies that worry me. Obviously, there's other things that phase me, but if your opponents army looks like one of these, you should be in for a rough game.

Now, I made all those lists, and I think that GK list will be "the GK build". For the future. I'd damn buy it if I didn't need to get another 6 rhinos. I love builds that're good in the midfield. Especially close combat. :D

4x8 Purifiers w/2 Hammers, 4 Halberds, 2 Cannons, Rhino
2x5 Purifiers w/2 Cannons (one unit has 1 hammer), Rhino
3 Dreads w/2 TLAC + Psybolt

2x5 Wolf Scouts w/Melta
6 WG w/Fists + Combi Melta
3x7 GH w/Melta, Wolf Standard + Rhino
6 GH w/Melta, Wolf Standard + Rhino
2x5 GH w/Flamer in Lasplas
2x5 Long Fangs w/4 Missiles
5 Long Fangs w/4 Missiles + Lasplas

Straken w/Stuff
6x Meltavets
3 Vendettas
2 Demolishers w/HBs

Honour Guard w/Rhino, 2 Melta, 2 Flamer
2 Sangpriests w/LC + Combi
6x5 ASM w/LC, Melta, Infernus + Rhino
3 Autolas

Just felt like sharing that.


  1. When you say "worry you" do you mean when playing your mech-orks, or if you were playing any army (including one of these).

    I have no idea what those new GK do but I have 50 marines; 6 Rhinos and three Dreads so I will mock it up for a game at some point.

  2. Any of them really Lyracian. I'd add a lot more lists TBH though. Mech DE. Foot SW. Tyranids. Horde and Mech Orks, etc. Whilst they all aren't hyper competitive (Nids, Orks), knowing you can handle those list archetypes with your list generally means it's a balanced list.

    I think GK will have more than one competitive build though come on Billy :P.