Thursday, 3 March 2011

More DH stuff! - The Intro

Well folks, here's the intro to the DH campaign i'm running later on today, at Centurion.

Carmen's footsteps echoed down the corridor. The pipes and wires a luminescent green amidst the amorphous black mass that was the rest of the hallway. A glimmering marked another pane of glass further down, to his left. After the last one, he didn't really want to look, but combat doctrine and human instinct made him. He had to know. He had a few inklings as to what must have been going on here. But even thinking of... those... those things, mankinds oldest enemy, it made his flesh crawl. He had never encountered them before, his life spent fighting Orks. He had only heard whispers, stories and myths. Thinking about it, those were definitely not myths.

He reached the pane of glass, and readied his hellgun. All clear. An empty room, no signs of movement. Not wanting to waste time, he swiftly made tracks down the hall, his steps ringing out on the mesh flooring. The auspex built into his helmet flared up, alerting him to electrical activity ahead. Hrm. The facility seemed to be shut down in its entirety. Although, he had tagged a few working panels and automatic doors, so it couldn't be completely down.

On closer inspection, he saw it was a door, half open, moving from three quarters shut, to half open, to almost shut, to half open again. Well, he didn't have a choice here, he had to get out. Lowering his weapon, he straightened out and eked through a small gap it was widening. Once on the other side of the door, he could see a light. Whispering thanks to the Emperor, he hastened his pace. As he neared it, he noticed lights flickering on cogitators, and small runes of activation silently flashing.

"Yes!" he thought, "The facility must be coming back online!". Clicking off his night vision, in his haste, he went past a pane of glass, and an open door. White noise erupted from a nearby vox unit, and something moved into the narrow corridor behind the Stormtrooper, completely unnoticed by him, blinded as he was by the fervour that had overcome him. The thought of freedom was all that was on his mind, as a shape in the dark shadowed him down the corridor.

As he turned the corner, what he saw stopped him in his tracks, unable to comprehend what he was seeing. It was just light, just a big light. But, he thought, blood running down from the newly opened gash in his throat, it was such a nice light. Perhaps this was the light of the Emperor, it certainly felt strong enough, like it was giving him some kind of sunburn.

And then, cold, alone, and dead on the hard plasteel floor, the Stormtrooper went to join the rest of his squad.

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