Monday, 31 January 2011


It's my birthday. So in 50 minutes I'll be 18.

All I can do that I didn't do before is vote. On the flip side, I'm up £400, a trip to australia all expenses paid, and driving lessons. Oh, and parts for a new PC (including a processor running at 4.9ghz with the shiny new 560 graphics cards).

Fantastic! (:


  1. Holy catz! I'm old enough to be your mother!

    Happy birthday, dude.

  2. Wait, aren't you about 30 days late for your birthday?

    You crazy furriners and your weird dating system.

    Happy birthday, pally.

  3. No, Chumby, you are the crazy deviant furriners. Whose country is the Prime Meridian in, hmm?

    Happy birthday, Arch.

  4. Slightly late to the party, but Happy Birthday. Having done both, I think Oz will be more fun that voting. :o)