Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Breaking through the breakthrough!

Ok, so Xaereth made a very astute and blunt point about the list I'm gonna take to Centurion (thread below this one). Basically, I have 2x3 Bikers w/2 meltas each. He just pointed out "Why not take 4 attack bikers." I genuinely don't have an answer. So i'm opening it up to the floor.

Here's what he said, for clarity:

"Bikes are good enough... but for 10 points less you could have 2 Multi-melta Attack bikes w/ 4 wounds total instead of 3. There's almost zero reason to take the units of 3 bikes with short-range melta vs. 2 attack bikes with much (much much) better melta range. Here's the URL for a tactica I wrote a long time ago about attack bikes:

The only benefit is the better leadership, which is negligible.

Just my two cents- the list as a whole looks good, just needs tweaking. I think you'll find MM attack bikes much better than regular bikes :) "

I paraphrased it to keep it relevant. However, I genuinely can't think of any reason other than "weaker to S8+". By a wound. Alright, fuck it.

What say you?


  1. Big issue still is the lone speeder honestly. You can drop the Speeder (and make all your Troops in RBacks) for 3x2x AB w/MM or you could change the bikes to 2x1x MM/HF Speeder, 2x AB w/MM and have 65 odd points to play with (another Priest, Infernous pistols, another AB, etc.) or don't even take the AB w/MM, grab another speeder and give all of the ASM squads infernous pistols.

    Really at this point it's up to personal taste. I would advise against a single Speeder though.

  2. Honestly Kirbs, that's exactly what I decided I was doing at work today. (: