Tuesday, 25 January 2011

More Lamenters chit chat. 1750 for Cent.

Ok then folks, so I've hit a little bit of a brick wall with my Lamenters army. At the moment, I really really do like the army, don't get me wrong. However I feel it's missing a little bit of something. What that is I'm not quite sure at the moment but I'm going to find out. So, this is just going to be looking at my army list and seeing what's performing, and what's not.

Ok, so I suppose a good place to start would be my army list. Briefly:
Sanguinary Priest w/Combi Melta
4x5 ASM w/Melta + Infernus
5 ASM w/Melta
5 Rhinos w/Dozers + Searchlights
2 Baal Predators w/Dozer + HB Sponsons
3 Autolas Preds w/Dozers

So, I'll go through it. Mephiston. He's won me games, and he's let me down. I killed my friend's Mephiston with him, and the next game he killed my Mephiston with his (Furious Charge is a bitch). He's fantastic however at running through troops and killing nasties. He's a good model, but a lot more fragile than he looks.

The Assault Marines have done fantastically. Easily my MVPs. Double melta without the need to disembark is fantastic. Double melta is just fantastic. They're also cheap, and moving 18" is golden. They can kill things in assault (they've taken Terminators and sanguard), and they can kill things with shooting (melta melta!). Awesome. However, I do wish I could put Power Weapons on them.

The sanguinary priest is nice. He's blown up a raider with that combi melta, and his Furious Charge bubble is absolutely fantastic. I don't rely on it, at all, but it's really nice to have the option to Furious Charge.

The Autolas predators have been reliable. Not good, not bad (sometimes bad, rolling 5/6 misses with lascannons) but reliable. They can annoy tanks and wreck stuff pretty regularly. And just having anything that can work at range is nice. So's the AP2 and the ID for T4 models.

Which leads me to what I feel is the lame part of the list. The bit that's not performing. The Baals. Sure, they can force a lot of saves on units, but for 300pts? No, they're absolutely not doing it for me. Now, what they do in my army is add valuable chassis saturation, and add anti infantry and some light anti tank. So, I've been thinking of some options to replace them. Now, don't get me wrong, Baals aren't bad, but I just feel if they were cheaper, they'd be better. They put out similar dakka to a predator with heavy bolters and cost about 50pts more. They get scouts, sure, but that's not used often as it makes it really easy to get side shots on your preds. So yeah, replacement options...

A Redeemer and power weapons. Brings pretty much the same thing, except it also brings a big bulky tank to play. With some terrifying anti infantry firepower and the ability to pop tanks it's not a bad unit by any means... However I'm not too convinced at running just one. One land raider can be dealt with, without too much difficulty. It can also be blocked quite happily, which is also irritating.

DoA units. Now, I could fit in 10 assault marines and probably a second sangpriest here, to come down and zap tanks. While it doesn't add quite the shock and awe anti infantry of the redeemer, it does add 12" moving intervening model ignoring meltas. They're actually pretty scary to deal with if you have mech chassis flying all around you too. A unit that is constantly mobile is probably worth a lot.

A real hammer. Terminators are (imo) the only really good hammer of the BA book. They're a massive brick and hard as hell to deal with. Problem is, I'd have to pretty much completely retool my list around them.

What do we think folks? With Baals I've only had maybe 10 games top but they've yet to do anything spectacular or impress me. For anti infantry I'd honestly rather template weapons, but I don't like flamestorms (side 11 on something that close is terrible imo) and when meltas are so common running a land raider without any alternate saturation is very risky.

Halp? >:



  1. Why not drop the Baals. Add power weapons and a 2nd Priest. Add two Speeders. Could also forego the 2nd Priest and add three Speeders or one power weapon and go 2x Typhoon.

  2. I still think spamming power weapons is a good move. Our game would've gone very differently if you had them.
    If you do take power weapons a second priest would be pretty good as well.
    My speeders have been very hit and miss thus far so i can only vouch for them 50%
    In the one game i used DOA i liked them, but thats only one game...and you were kind of there.

  3. You can try the raider + termies, but don't expect a whole lot. I've played against that sort of list lots of times (and seen it played even more). It's just too much of a rock list, if you ask me. A single raider just isn't that good. Two raiders, or three, might end up a different story.