Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Some Lamenters stuff....

So just some stuff about my Lamenters. Nothing that important, just a choice of models to use as Mephiston. Also, a bit of chatter on my latest BA list. Also some dice related stuff.

Ok folks, so, Mephiston. He's in my list. I have two models that I'm considering using for him. Now, I need to show you two pictures first:
The Emperor's Champion

Stupid, but a nice model. Legion of the Damned Sgt.
Ok, so. I bought each of these models, and with some simple swapping, have two interesting, and pretty nice miniatures. All I honestly did was remove the banner from the LotD sgt (not very lamentery) and give him the EC's sword. The EC received the LotD sgt's axe. Both look pretty nice. I'd put up pics but I don't have a camera atm.

So, which do you reckon for my Mephiston model? Like I say both look nice, but have a pretty different thing going. Also, what colour do we reckon? As they're Lamenter Librarians, how much yellow and how much blue?

Also, I have a snazzy new list for my Lamenters.

Sanguinary Priest w/Combi Melta + Melta Bombs
4x 5 Assault Marines w/Melta Gun + Infernus Pistol
5 Assault Marines w/Melta Gun (Sangpriest here)
5 Rhinos w/Searchlight + Dozer Blades
2xBaal Predators w/Assault Cannons, Heavy Bolter Sponsons + Dozer Blades
3xPredators w/Lascannon Sponsons + Dozer Blades

I like this list. I absolutely love the dozer blades, they've done wonders for me.

Finally, anyone know where I can get some black and white checkered dice? As in, like the shoulder pad of a lamenter, or a chess board. :3 Would be much appreciated.

If not I'm just gonna go yellow. Although maybe Lamenters dice is a REALLY bad idea. ^^ Maybe lucky skaven Warpstone...

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  1. So, the goal is to suicide melta with the assault squads, and not actually assault?

    It doesn't seem like a bad list, but I guess I wonder how you would handle a green tide (orks). You just don't have enough models/attacks to be able to do enough to them before they run you down. Remember, overwhelming victory in combat is what breaks a tide, not winning by 3.

    Therefore, I suggest making bigger squads, or taking HF Razorbacks as your dedicated transports. You could easily do this by simply dropping your 5 dozer blades on the baals.

    It looks cool though. I agree about Dozer Blades. Unfortunately, they seem to be the first things to go when I make a list for some reason...