Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Three Lists for Lamenters. 1750 Cent still.

Ok then folks, I'll address the comments from the previous post here, and I'll also put forward the 3 lists I'm considering.

Based on the feedback I've received, nobody seems to be defending Baals. Now, I have an idea for a weird mech duality list for 2500 that uses them, but that's it. Frankly, I think they're good, but in an environment where cover is so prevalent they're not "that" good at dealing with infantry. And as for dealing with mech, mneh.

So, the advice I received. Well, Kirby said Power Weapons, another Priest and then 2 Speeders. And he mentioned Typhoons. They could be very useful.

frz40 also says power weapons and such... warns against speeders as they're hit and miss, and aye. DoA could be nice... I could fit 10 ASM and a Sangpriest, but little else. Or I could fit 5 with no rhino.

Xaereth, pretty much. Single raiders aren't so good as they're so easy to block. Although mine wouldn't have an assault threat, I don't know if it will get blocked so much.

So then, the "chassis" of the list is this:

Sangpriest + Combi Melta
4x5 ASM w/Melta, Infernus
5 ASM w/Melta
5 Rhinos w/Dozers + Searchlights
3 Autolas Preds w/Dozers.

So, 300 points. Now, the 3 lists I've come up with are:

2 Sangpriests w/Combi Melta + Lightning Claw
4x5 ASM w/Melta, Infernus, Power Weapons
2x5 ASM w/Melta and Power Weapons
6 Rhinos w/Dozers
3 Autolas Preds w/Dozers.

Another marine squad, 6 power weapons, 2 lightning claws, another sangpriest.

2 Sangpriests w/Combi Melta
3x5 ASM w/Melta, Infernus, ONE power weapon (so 1/3 squads)
2x5 ASM w/Melta
10 ASM w/Power Weapon, 2 Melta Guns + Infernus Pistol
5 Rhinos w/Dozers
3 Autolas Preds

Another sangpriest, and 10 Jump ASM w/Power Weapon, and a power weapon.

2 Sangpriests w/Combi Melta
3x5 ASM w/Melta, Infernus + Power Weapon
2x5 ASM w/Melta, Lightning Claw
5 Rhinos, 4 Dozer Blades
3 MM/HF Speeders
3 Autolas Predators (no dozers)

I'm liking the 3rd and first more. What do we think?


  1. Much prefer the addition of the mm/hf speeders, much more versatility and in all honesty more of a threat than the other options aka; more asm and you still get the extra priest. Playtest it and see if you like it but of the three its the one I'd go for.

  2. awww... no drop HG option?

  3. I don't like drop pods! :P

    I'm not a fan of suicide units at the best of times.

  4. He means DoA I think. 3 meltas, 3 flamers, 1 fist full of loving ;)

    I like the 3rd iteration myself. Having just Rhinos and autolas Preds I feel you may be skimping on the anti-infantry, so burny goodness of speeders will be very welcome.

  5. No, we had a discussion about it chumby. He means drop pods. >_>

    I have melee for anti infantry :P.>_>


  6. I should note that the speeder list was incorrect. I've fixed it now.