Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Three Lists for Lamenters. 1750 Cent still.

Ok then folks, I'll address the comments from the previous post here, and I'll also put forward the 3 lists I'm considering.

Based on the feedback I've received, nobody seems to be defending Baals. Now, I have an idea for a weird mech duality list for 2500 that uses them, but that's it. Frankly, I think they're good, but in an environment where cover is so prevalent they're not "that" good at dealing with infantry. And as for dealing with mech, mneh.

So, the advice I received. Well, Kirby said Power Weapons, another Priest and then 2 Speeders. And he mentioned Typhoons. They could be very useful.

frz40 also says power weapons and such... warns against speeders as they're hit and miss, and aye. DoA could be nice... I could fit 10 ASM and a Sangpriest, but little else. Or I could fit 5 with no rhino.

Xaereth, pretty much. Single raiders aren't so good as they're so easy to block. Although mine wouldn't have an assault threat, I don't know if it will get blocked so much.

So then, the "chassis" of the list is this:

Sangpriest + Combi Melta
4x5 ASM w/Melta, Infernus
5 ASM w/Melta
5 Rhinos w/Dozers + Searchlights
3 Autolas Preds w/Dozers.

So, 300 points. Now, the 3 lists I've come up with are:

2 Sangpriests w/Combi Melta + Lightning Claw
4x5 ASM w/Melta, Infernus, Power Weapons
2x5 ASM w/Melta and Power Weapons
6 Rhinos w/Dozers
3 Autolas Preds w/Dozers.

Another marine squad, 6 power weapons, 2 lightning claws, another sangpriest.

2 Sangpriests w/Combi Melta
3x5 ASM w/Melta, Infernus, ONE power weapon (so 1/3 squads)
2x5 ASM w/Melta
10 ASM w/Power Weapon, 2 Melta Guns + Infernus Pistol
5 Rhinos w/Dozers
3 Autolas Preds

Another sangpriest, and 10 Jump ASM w/Power Weapon, and a power weapon.

2 Sangpriests w/Combi Melta
3x5 ASM w/Melta, Infernus + Power Weapon
2x5 ASM w/Melta, Lightning Claw
5 Rhinos, 4 Dozer Blades
3 MM/HF Speeders
3 Autolas Predators (no dozers)

I'm liking the 3rd and first more. What do we think?


  1. Much prefer the addition of the mm/hf speeders, much more versatility and in all honesty more of a threat than the other options aka; more asm and you still get the extra priest. Playtest it and see if you like it but of the three its the one I'd go for.

  2. I don't like drop pods! :P

    I'm not a fan of suicide units at the best of times.

  3. He means DoA I think. 3 meltas, 3 flamers, 1 fist full of loving ;)

    I like the 3rd iteration myself. Having just Rhinos and autolas Preds I feel you may be skimping on the anti-infantry, so burny goodness of speeders will be very welcome.

  4. No, we had a discussion about it chumby. He means drop pods. >_>

    I have melee for anti infantry :P.>_>


  5. I should note that the speeder list was incorrect. I've fixed it now.