Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Australian Prices. The hell?

Ok guys, so I'm in aus. Now, for my wolf army, I need 8 plasma guns, a melta gun, 5 missile launchers and 3 random infantry models. Later on in the year I need some more infantry for nova as well. The problem here is, I thought I could just buy this Shit when I got to aus. Thing is, you pay about double what this stuff costs in the UK. I could of course ship over, but I need this stuff painted for the 4th of march. Aus online stores aren't much better. Coming up to like 50 dollars for 10 grey hunters.

Now guys. I may have to bite the bullet here, however I would ask if any of you Aussie folks can help. Whether its recommending somewhere I can buy cheap (im in Melbourne FYI) or donating some bits. If I was buying this product wise I'd probably go with 2 boxes of devastators and 2 boxes of grey hunters, leaving me short 1 missile and 4 plasma guns.

So can anyone lend a hand?

Thanks guys.


  1. We have told everyone that prices are shit here.

    Gaming Dragon on the gold coast generally has 1-2 day shipping and is 'cheap' for Australia.

  2. I have what you need but shipping from the States to Aus is like taking a slow boat to China- SLOW. Sorry =(

  3. Gutted man. See, this is why the UK is better than a prison colony. :P

    How's it treating you, minus the ridiculously expensive 40k?

  4. Yea man no one buys retail aus we ship it in from the uk

    Us guys up in rocky should be able to pull your army together email fester and I'm sure we can find you something

  5. Lt. It's actually a problem cause the UK is worse at the moment. The Aus dollar is really really strong just now, but GW is failing to realise that. So they don't bother changing prices to represent it. >_>

    Anyway, that could be an option. I found a meltagun today (been touring melbourne's hobby scene) so now I just need 5 missiles, 8 plasma (or 4 twin linked plasma) and some infantry models.

    I'll ask matt, kirby etc. See what we can do. Starting the Archnomad Trust Fund.