Thursday, 24 February 2011

Some Dark Heresy...

So folks, a friend of mine and myself are debating running a small Dark Heresy session at Centurion. Now, I'd need to know I had people interested before running it, so, if you're at all interested comment here or email me at

Now, for a bit of background, Dark Heresy is a pen and paper RPG which takes place in the 40k universe. You play as an acolyte of an Inquisitor (the GM, in this case me), and go off grinding XP and doing quests. You start at level 1 and can progress to level 6-

Wait. Sorry. ;] My games tend to take on a more "RPG" aspect with very few dice being rolled. I try to make it as much about the characters as possible, and only bring up combat when it's necessary. I don't think that the games that other people run, combat dice fests, are very fun. As frankly, DH combat... just play 40k? No? This is an oppertunity to get something much more. It's like the difference between a good video game (Bioshock) and a bad one (Kane and Lynch 2). Story, narrative, character development.

However, this session will only be a few hours long, so I'll try and make it as interesting a plot as I can. If you're interested, email me or comment. There's 5 spaces. (:

You don't need to bring character sheets, pens etc. If I can get enough people, we'll discuss the wheres and the whens.



  1. I may be keen for this depending on the night you do it. I know fester has no wife duties as well.

  2. Got it guys. To be honest, 3 is probably enough at a bare minimum. I'll put something up tonight considering details. You guys got skype/some kind of IM? Even the chatbox at 3++ would do? :P


  3. Sorry for the late entry in this, I'd be up for a go at this one.

    If that's ok.