Thursday, 17 February 2011

In other news, Blood Bowl?

Found a set really cheap over here in Aus (getting one is a nightmare in the UK). So, I'm prolly going for that.

So, I love dwarfs in BB. Cause they're bastards. A team with block and tackle is so much fun to play with. They make really hard cages too, and are fantastic in long term. Because it's hard to lose players. And you know, when dwarfs start skilling up, as I mentioned, it's hard as fuck to play against them because they just deny your ability to do shit. And getting the ball off them is rough.

And they're cool. Mon dwarfs.

Anyway, the roster:

8 Blockers
2 Runners
1 Blitzer
4 Rerolls



  1. At 1 mil, there's almost no reason not to start with all your position players. Both Blitzers, both Troll Slayers, both Runners, 5 Blockers, and 3 RR. That maximizes the chance that your skill players will get MVPs and level up, and lets the Slayers start earning PP right away. You want as many Ag 3 players on your team as you can get, too. You have skills, so you don't need the 4th RR so much.

  2. That's my normal dwarf lineup. I was trying to deviate, but I'll most likely end up just using it. xD


  3. Blood Bowl is my favourite GW game. I would max out on positionals unless you are playing in a long league and want to skill up those linesmen.