Thursday, 17 February 2011

Taking a hint from Eathos, the (Australian) Archnomad Fund.

So, as eathos said in the comments of the last post, he advised me to ask the folks of australia if they'd be able to scrounge parts for me. Anybody in Australia fancy donating bits? Or even selling me some? I'm ok with paying reasonably for them. The bits I need are:

6 Plasma Guns
5 Missile Launchers

I'm going to be buying a box of grey hunters anyway, so the list is down 2 plasma guns (from 8) :P

get in touch at, or leave a comment here. I'm in Melbourne at the moment.

Thanks folks :)

1 comment:

  1. sadly dude i can't help you with those bits but try

    and post there an explain your situation, someone might help .


    that's the rocky club a post there might yield some results as well.

    ps I have plasma pistols if that helps

    pss also its eathos with a little e