Tuesday, 22 February 2011

NOVA Thoughts

This is early (I know), I'm debating what army to run to Nova. I'd like to see what kind of feedback I get on this, and I'll put a poll up tomorrow. However, the options we have are:

Blood Angels - Mech Chassis Spam
Blood Angels - TH/SS Raider List
Grey Knights - Something with scouting dreadknights and probably PAGKs. Maybe, depends on the book.
Necrons - Depends on when the book comes out. I hope to god it comes out for NOVA.
Orks - I've always wanted a mek army, like the one i'm running to Cent
Space Wolves - Hybrid SW (similar to the ones that've been up on here).
Tau - Dakkadakkadakkadakka.

I'll put up a poll however, listing all armies I can think of, just to see what kind of response I get. :D

But for now, thoughts? It's from the stand point of best chance of doing well. Crons is obviously up in the air at the moment, but I'm leaning on SW.


  1. Or none of the above?

  2. How many points is Nova? I expect Wolves is the best choice; Vampires may cut it depending on points.

    Hard to judge Grey Knights until we get a book...

  3. None of them? That's a bit harsh isn't it... You could at least follow up with a suggestion.

    I'd like to see you run Ork Mek. If you're doing it for Centurion why not use the practice and lessons to carry you forward to NOVA?

  4. Grey Knights are prolly in with a shout.
    Fraser's considering them, but I think he loves
    Lyracian: Nova is 2000pts

    Mephiston too much to abandon the BA.
    Also, he kicked my arse at the workshop yesterday with his 2k list. Which, by the way, is changed roughly every 4 to 6 hours.

    I really don't think new 'crons will be out, I'd honestly say stick with SW. Like you said, you've played them a billion times. You know how to play the army well. Plus, we're paying something in the region of £600 just to get over there and stay the week. You wanna take the army you're most comfortable with and likely to do the best with.

    I love my Guard. Always will, always have. Still can't pin down the last 300pts or so though. Medusa and Manticore were shit against Fraser. Demolisher popped one of his Land Raiders with one shot though.
    Fraser nearly punched the wall.

  5. Those all sound good dude. I'm debating BA or GK, 30 models or 20 models :P

  6. GDMNW - He loves it really.

    I love to say Necrons, but i think it'd be too much of a rush.

    BA - mech spam is a tad bit boring.
    BA - TH/SS raider list... why not BT?? :(
    SW - meh
    Tau - good but a little boring
    Orks - I'd love to see it... but it's a bit of a waste of your time/money.

    That leaves us GK which I think will be a bit herohammerish.. but still.

  7. Well I think the best list I have at the moment is probably:

    2x5 Wolf Scouts
    6 WG w/Fist + combi
    3x7 Grey Hunters w/Melta + Standard + Rhino
    6 Grey Hunters w/Melta + Standard + Rhino
    2x5 Grey Hunters w/Flamer + Lasplas
    3x5 Long fangs w/4 Missiles + 1 has a razorback