Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Creed Playing Chess.

Turn 3 He Outflanks a Bishop.

So, I've been playing about with Space Wolves as of late. Discussion with notable "e-people" as well as some friends has urged me on to try (if not run, at least try) something different. That is heavy infantry. In the past I have only really played either really mech heavy SW, or entire foot lists. What I'm going for here is true hybrid, leaning on really light mech. ~ A buh, this article has nothing to do with Chess. This must be the work of some sort of tactical-

So, to discussion! Ok then, well.

Here's where it all breaks down ~at the first commercial because people these days are 146% convinced mech is king. Lemme get something clear. Mech is king. Mech is el kingshippo del diablo. Mech is the ultima weapon. Why? Well it's resilient, it allows you to break the game down (this is really important) and it's MOBILE. It also allows you to double up on force org slots. This is big too. But frankly, it has weaknesses, and the reason it's king is it just does these things well. If something doesn't do these things well (or as well as mech) it's "bad". What happens when some stuff does this stuff as well (stuff stuff stuff) as mech? Well what you got there is a working foot unit. Or army. Not footdar.

Why not footdar? Cause they do shit worse than mechdar.

So what'm I getting at, and unrelentingly dragging you towards? Hybrid. Sort of. See, in a mech army, during turns 1-4 the mech usually does most of the work, with the infantry pulling out the stops and winning for you turns 4-5 (+6+7). Now, what this army is planning to do is make the infantry do the majority of the work turns 3-5+. How? Well, what's that big thing that infantry generally lack (Sans Move! Move! Move!) but mech give them? That's right, reliable run rolls. mobility. Realistically guys, look at your games. It's not your mech that's doing damage and taking names, it's the infantry. The mech is just the means to an end. Meltavets? Brutal, ball crushing assaults, taking objectives and even killing other infantry. This is the job of the linesman. The mech is mostly just to get him there (or fire support, which, in SW, infantry can provide).

Ok, so, the principle here. Well, lets look at a "typical" SW list. What're you likely to be looking at turn 1? AV11 and Long Fangs. So what do you shoot those with? S7 multiple shot weapons. See, the long fangs help here, because they're also a target on the priority list of those guns, because their long range puts them out of traditional anti infantry firepower. Ok, got it. But Arch, when you don't run that many tanks, your shit's gonna get suppressed. True enough, but people are used to dealing with 30-40 infantry. Not 80.

Well the cat's out the bag now. Seriously though, lissen. I can fit in bare bones mech and long fangs, as well as another 67 infantry. I don't give a shit what happens to the mech after turn 1. It can still play the "game breaking down" thing (I'll get to this later, TCG players might know what I mean?) and it can still tank shock. See, after playtesting (actual playtesting!) a few things became apparent. Lets have a look at the "typical" anti tank weapons you're gonna see.

Autocannon- Prime Targets: AV11, Long Fangs
Heavy Bolter - Long Fangs, AV11, Side/Rear Armour, Infantry
Lascannon - AV11
Melta - At this range I stop giving a shit
Multi Melta - AV11
Multi Laser- Long Fangs, AV11

Note the dominant "long range anti tank weapon" of the edition is also good at shooting infantry, so long fangs are also a target. This is kind of important. Also let it be noted you need to stun, immob or destroy a rhino for me to give a shit. Even then, expect to see infantry get out and run at you for being a dick.

Point made? Hope so. Real men rely on meltas to kill their tanks. It's the least reliant on odds weapon for the job. 2D6+8 pen against AV11 does not fuck around. That or vendettas. Again, reliable. Missiles will reliably piss tanks off. So will autocannons. Destroy them? No. Especially not with cover. Railguns will reliably gutfuck tanks with what is basically a ball bearing. ~A ball bearing made of biceps and chainsaws.

Ok ok, justification aside, have a look at a list I'm toying with.

Rune Priest w/ Chooser, LL + JotWW
2x5 Wolf Scouts w/Melta
6 WG w/Fists + Combi Meltas
3x9 Grey Hunters w/Wolf Standard, Melta + Rhino
8 Grey Hunters w/Wolf Standard, Melta + Rhino
2x5 Grey Hunters w/Flamer + Lasplas Razorback
3x5 Long Fangs w/4 Missiles

So, with my 92 pts I'm tempted to take either 4 scouts and buy two power weapons for them (to change their threat from minor to significant as they can now beat up infantry) or another razorback and chaff. Looking at this list, you can hopefully see why the mech is essential, but not important. I hope you can (if you can't I'm probably going to write an article on it anyway). And I hope this gives you all something to think about. People really underestimate how hard infantry can be. Especially marines. Even more so with cover. People also underestimate what assaults can do to vehicles, especially with power fists. Sure, it's easy to point to all the answers, but against an opponent who knows what he's doing, all you're doing is reducing the odds your vehicle dies, and reducing the amount of damage he takes. And he's on the good side of the ratio. Just something to share. ~Controversy!

Try it guys, it also helps in Kill Points. If you run an army with good troops (SW, BA +IG) try increasing their numbers a bit. But make sure they have a transport. That's kind of important.

So guys, hopefully now you'll see why I like E4 so much, and why if someone does it to me I go for a spanish opening or a Sicilian. Centre control is important, especially early game. If you can restric- Eh. What. Where's the rest of my-



  1. The game breaking down thing I mentioned. Not really relevant to the article so I'll put it here. It's basically where a unit rolls up and destroys your tank, and then you walk up, destroy their tank and assault them. Hence, you win the breakdown (not the beatdown).

    However, vs opponents who can't reliably win in assault vs each other, whoever goes first wins.

    You are demeched. You demech him. He destroys you. For example.

  2. I'm assuming that if hybrid Chaos works, it works like this - lacking workhorse transports like the Razorback, the transports become a means to an end, i.e. depositing the various spiky contents of their spiky selves within optimum range to do what must be done, and then vrooshing around to combi-melta, tank shock and otherwise impede the opponent if they're allowed to live?

  3. Nice article mate. Gonna be testing that list out this week? Me and Clayman are for heading to Glasgow GW on Thursday, I believe, cause its open late. Graham should be coming down as well with his 1k nids.

    The breaking down the game thing is where meltavets kind of get the shit kicked out them. :/

    Also, yeah, killing vehicles in combat with powerfists. Anything related to the second to last time I played you? :P

  4. Sort of Von. With this list you don't really want to get out your mech unless forced to. However, staying in a stunned transport is usually silly. There's a point you need to get out and run. But yes, tank shock is good. :D

    LT. I can't thursday, work. Meltavets are really good at the breakdown. They have an option nobody else has. Retreat and multilaser.

    Not really. Powerfists are just good. -1A wasn't that big a thing. Ok, it was, but they're still good. :P That game definitely reinforced it. Although I played like a cunt that game. And bouncing off your termies didn't help.