Tuesday, 5 October 2010

2k Wood Elf Army Request: Trees for Brother Loring.

So just a quick post, it's a Tree Army at request for a friend, Brother Loring. I'll put a brief word on why I picked the units I did after each one.

Macbeth's Hell.

Level 4
Wand of Wych Elm
Dragonbane Gem
Lore of Life

This guy is awesome at dispelling, and knows the lore of consecrated winsauce that is Life. What's not to love here?

Asyendi's Bane
Hail of Doom Arrow
Battle Standard Bearer

Bog standard wood elf BSB. What's not to love here either?

14 Dryads

14 Dryads

14 Dryads

Trees! Trees! Realistically, dryads are awesome combat troops, with a rock solid I6, WS4, T4, S4, and a 5+ ward. Oh and 2A each. Oh and they cause fear. They're skirmishers which means no ranks, but in Killtacular 8th edition they should be ok as long as they don't bite off too much, and combo charge, in true wood elf fashion. Or they go in with magical support.

8 Treekin

The muscle. This block is terrifying. Nuff said really, 24 S5 attacks, T5 etc. It's very killy, and works as a good anvil to put in the middle.

8 Wardancers

Character bunker. Don't be afraid to boot the characters out if you need these guys to go somewhere unsafe for the characters though. Good in close combat, good on a flank, but you want your BSB near CC you might not win, so position these wisely. They're cheap enough to use as a reserve troop.


It's a treeman. Do you really need an explanation? He adds to every phase of the game. What more do you want? Oh, he's also awesome with life magic.

Great Eagle

Great Eagle

Warmachine and (very) light unit hunters. Also good redirectors and general nuisances. Good unit

So there you have it BroLo, that's my take on tree heavy woodies for 8E. I should say, this probably isn't the ultimate or even penultimate wood elf list, but if you want tree heavy, looks pretty and beginner friendly, I'd run something like this. Not to say this list doesn't have teeth though ^^.

Hope you enjoy the list.


  1. I shall look forward to placing 8 treeman and being called a WAAC ****.


    Those models are just so pretty, I just can't say it enough.

  2. I know why you want the 8 Treekin, but I think you would be better served running 2 units of 4, rather than an uber-unit of 8. 2 units will allow for more flexibility, and limit your damage from some of the spells that will destroy the unit. I know I would love to cast pit of shades, dwellers, or even fulminating flame cage on a unit of 8 flammable 3 wound guys. Your Lvl. 4 is good at dispelling, but something is still getting through.

  3. My thoughts were that fewer units work better with life magic, so you can have multiple spells running on one unit, or at least gain more from one casting of a spell.

    And priority, if you know they have pit of shades, you should damn well be stopping that. Dispel priority and whatnot. And as an aside, Treekin are I3. So Pit of Shades isn't as bad as it could be on them. (:

    I do know what you mean though, and I actually said to BroLo that if you find that unit attracts too much fire to split it up in to 2x4 or even 3x3.

    Gotta love Chatterbox.

  4. I understand that they are I3, but I would still gladly force an Init test, if it outright kills half the unit... same with the flame storm, it is only S4, but doing double wounds is huge and makes it a serious threat to that unit.

    It is the same with the metal spells. Even though it will only wound on a 4+, each of those doing double damage is scary.

  5. I like this army, definately wouldn't have that big unit of tree-kin though. Split it up, create more units to split fire. That thing has "fire magnet" written all over it.
    Looks very similar to every successful wood elf arm in 8th ed...I wonder why that would be?