Thursday, 21 October 2010

A New Army Is On The Horizon

Now while it's true I do have a whole skaven army to paint up, it's only 100 models and because of the masses of brown and metal it should be fairly easy to get that speedpainted. However the new army bug is calling to me. I would want something that's either good in CC in WHFB, or another 40k army...

Oh and it has to be between £200-300. Now then, things I'm considering include:

Renegade IG - However I'm worried 6E will bone them, and this army is not cheap. It's around £450. For 1500. No joke.

Biker Marines - This army is much cheaper at around £200. However this is an army that will require a lot of finesse to play correctly, and while it'll be a hard army, I don't think it'll be able to stand up to the best of them. That said, if 6E hurts transports I reckon bikes will be a solid army. Mobility is never a bad thing.

Necrons - Yeah I know, lolwut? Seriously, I've always loved the undead. And in 40k that's crons. The lack of competitiveness doesn't bother me as I already have mech space wolves, and they're still playable. However a friend of mine runs them and I'd be afraid of stepping on their toes.

Tau - Hurm. This army is not cheap (9 suits and 6 broadsides adds up). However I do very much like the playstyle. However I reckon a new book and new models are due soon, and I find suits get a bit static after a few classic poses. Ho hum. As opposed to crons and marines who will pretty much not get outdated. I like the current cron range.

Dark Eldar - When I saw the wrack artwork I was in love. However I don't want to be caught in the fanboy rush. I know what army list I'd run already though (same for all the above).


Ogre Kingdoms - I just like the aesthetic. This is an army I pretty much haven't seen in 8E though, so have no idea how it's playing.

Dark Elves - As much as I hate them I think they have access to some of (if not the) most competitive builds in 8E, and I'd like a really really harsh tourney army. Sue me, I play to win.

Vampire Counts - Used to play them back when summoning zombies was cool. Since then VC have gone up and shot down. Now if I were to play them I'd find zombie hordes weren't so good and that elite unkillable units was the done thing. Personally I'd want to play a zombie horde, but with unstable and no bonus from steadfast, what's the point?

Daemons of Chaos - Hurm. This one is something I played in 7E (told you, I am that guy). But my £250 army was stolen. However, they're not quite as good in 8E, I personally think due to the lack of a decent magic phase. Sure your HoTz is good but lvl2 just isn't that great. And they have no major PD maker. Unlike Skaven, DE, HE and Lizzies. There's the Blue Scribes but mneh.

Beastmen - For all the insults they get, I do like Beastmen. I just love the theme but they're really just not that great. The main strength I see in the book is one killy character, cheap skirmishers and pretty killy specials. However I think I'd personally prefer it if skirmishing beast hordes were good. Brown Orcs doesn't sound so fun.

So folks, there's the armies I'm considering. I wouldn't mind some feedback on what I should go for. It's pretty up in the air at the moment, leaning more on the 40k side of things. I was almost dead set renegade IG, but now I'm not so sure that much money is worth it. Like I say, your opinion is very welcome.

Now go, build me an army worthy of Mordor.


  1. Well, do you play 40k or Fantasy more?

    Bikers, both DE and Beastmen would be sweet.

  2. I couldn't comment too much on the Fantasy side other than that I think the VC are a very coll army look and aesthetic so they'd get my vote there. On the 40K side, Necrons are brilliant models and have some great rules even if they aren't that competitive these days (roll-on codex update), and you could always wait a couple of months and get great deals on Dark Eldar armies on eBay when all the hype has died down and people realise how unforgiving the DE will be.

  3. If you did decide to do Ogres, I'd sell you mine. Problem is that we all do really hard armies round here, and Ogres, no matter how cool they are, are never gonna be THAT competitive.
    Hence my switching back to my beloved HE.
    40k, aye, Biker army would be cool as hell. Fantasy, I'd like to see Beastmen or...dunno.
    Maybe Daemons, cause I've never played them, but I've heard some terrible horror stories.

  4. Chumb, at the moment WHFB, but that's cause I'm bored of my SW.

    Also, Dark Elves or Dark Eldar? :P Beastmen are an army I just can't seem to work out. xD. I'm going to give it a go though. A few lists will probably wind their way onto here.

    Andy, VC are a very cool army. I'm just saddened by the fact my shambling horde is no longer a good army. See in 6E and early 7E that's what I played. I picked up VC to play a zombie army. I also loved Necrarchs. Now it's just not viable, which is sad.

    You are correct about the necrons and I am seriously considering them. I would probably run a destroyer heavy army as they're my favourite cron unit.

    Finally, DE I'm not that enticed by at the moment because of A) The tide of fanboys that I'll need to spend 3 months or so wading through. I'm not that fussed with being labelled fotm. So I'd need to wait. And B) They haven't released half the models I'd need yet. Bring out wracks and venoms ffs!

    The Lieutenant (was it not usually all one word?!), I really do get you with the Ogres. However you didn't really play them at higher pts from what I saw, which is what they really do need. But I do have a nasty feeling they'd get massacred by any one of our lists. My last game vs ogres my WLC killed 6 in one shot. Woo!

    Bikers I am also quite after. They were the second to renegade IG, and I think if 6E does twat transports (or tanks in general) then bikes will be in good shape. And if they ever re-do DA and make Ravenwing good then woop.

    Beasts I've already given my thoughts on. I have no idea how I'd make them really competitive though. >_>. Probably with a truckload of razorgor. God knows how I'm going to get that on my salary.

    Daemons I think really suffer from not having a good core unit and not being able to get a level 4 without burning a million pts on it. Meaning I can't get it till a 4 million pt game. Which isn't good. Their level 2s are nice but there's only so far a level 2 can take you, you know?


  5. I really can see transports getting raped in 6th ed. Plus it'd be bloody cool to actually see a bike army. Ye saw a couple when DA came out, but that was many moons ago...
    Daemons and Beasts, I dunno, I've heard tonnes of horror stories about Daemons being ridiculously hard and stuff...and I like Beasts. Kinda wanted to do 'em a while back.
    I'm almost in the same boat as you though, want a new army, but no idea what. Definately not 40k, but there's no Fantasy army that properly jumps out at me.
    There's a couple I'd quite like to do...but nothing that makes me go "Holy shitsauce, I just figured out what my student loan is going on."
    Actually, thats a lie.
    I already spent my student loan.
    Damn you, cider!

  6. Hehe. Yeah typical GW logic. If it was good, now it's not. I agree with bikes... Really 40k wise i'm just torn between bikers and crons. Crons are cheaper, and I reckon they'll get a new codex by the end of 2011. But still. Hnnng it's a tough call.

    Daemons were ridiculously hard in 7E. Not anymore. They're good, but I'd put Empire, Skaven, High Elves, Dark Elves and Lizardmen above them now. I love how our gaming group plays 4/5 of those armies. And I have an empire army sitting around. >_>

    Why don't you want to get back into 40k? O.o

  7. You know what else is funny? Gary just picked up a bunch of Empire yesterday. Apparently twin Hydras just isn't hard enough. :P
    Nah, he's doing a relatively non-arsehole army.
    I think.

    I'm just not feeling 40k just now, in the whole fantasy frenzy. I'll swing back round to it, in a few months, but for the moment i'm just in a real Fantasy mood.
    Plus all the 40k armies are like: "nyeh...." I love my Guard, and I'll prolly end up starting my Grey Knights when they get redone, but none of the other armies really appeal to me.