Wednesday, 27 October 2010


As in, what would you like to see?

First off, sorry for the lack of activity but recurring headaches and work tend to clamp down that kind of thing during the week. However, I did notice my Warrior of Chaos review (part 3 coming later this week) was generally quite well received. Was just wondering, as posting up my thoughts on armies doesn't take too much time, and I'm still working on my (somewhat monolithic) guide to being good at magic, what armies would you guys like to see done next?

There's a poll up on the blog now. Vote for whatever armies you wish. That poll will be open a good while, and what I'm going to do is once I finish my WoC articles I'll write on the most popular after that. Then after those the next most popular and so on.

Thanks folks, enjoy.

Say what again.


  1. How about you review the army you hate the most, including why? (Fluff, it kicks your ass, it sucks, etc as appropriate)

  2. Well I don't really dislike any WHFB. No kidding, I actually like them all. Every faction. o.O

    My least favourite on tabletop is Dwarfs. Because they're so damn boring to play for the most part, but they also lead toward a static gunline, which is no fun. Unlike my skaven, who're a mobile gunline. And that makes all the difference!

  3. That's cheating =p ! Seriously... I like your stuff a lot. I'd love to see a write up on anything.

  4. Could you answer this age old question:

    Do they speak English in What?

  5. Armies I like:
    1) Skaven
    2) Dark Elves
    3) Daemons
    4) Lizardmen
    5) WoC
    6) Tomb Kings

    Looks like I'm doing pretty well with you covering 4/6. I'd hit up Daemons, see how they've changed since 7th, or just throw some bones to the outdated armies like TK, Brets and OK.

  6. Skaven in the lead. High Elves close behind. A sleeper hit coming in from the Tomb Kings!

    How's this going to turn out?