Monday, 4 October 2010

Are You Not Entertained!?

So then folks, as much as reaching out to people, barring other bloggers, on blogs is usually a bad idea, I have a question I need to know. What would you, the thriving fanbase *ahem* that reads my blog, and blogs in general, want from a WHFB blog? More tactics? List building? Rule explanations? Whatever.

You see it is my dream to turn this blog in to a hub of WHFB activity. I know that's a long road, more winding than the travel route of a jefferson aeroplane. More winding than a twizzler. More winding than one of those sticks that look like they have multiple ends but actually have one. It's a distant glimmer from where I am now. But I will get there.

And so I turn to you, what do you want from me? What is it, you WHFB blogging enthusiasts would like to read about? At the moment i'm just going with general fantasy, nothing too in depth. Enlighten me.

Thanks folks.


  1. Mate I'm sitting in boxers with a black coffee and my guitar playing people are strange.

    Yes. One of THOSE days.


  2. you're so lucky, i have a 2 hour menu training at work....gads

  3. I like things as is. Skaven stuff is always good for me, the DE rant was amusing, and 8th ed overviews are always handy when they actually make sense.

    For the future, expanding to other armies, overviews of the pitched battles, magic items and spells would be solid.

  4. Awesome Chumbalaya. Well there's a Lizardmen article in the pipes somewhere, and I'm already working on a write up of the secnarios. The only ones that will be interesting though are Watchtower, Battle for the Pass and Blood and Glory. Meeting Engagement, Battleline and Dawn Attack aren't all that interesting. Just mess with deployment a little (or not at all).

    Magic is something I keep putting off. Maybe it's time to start. Of course, Skaven, being the alpha male, superiour race, most intelligent, best looking, fastest and wittiest will get first pick.

    Or maybe life, cause it's so damn good.

    Thanks for the quick feedback dude. :3

  5. @Archnomad - I think you are underestimating the other scenarios. Each of them come with some strategy that needs to be accounted for, now admittedly, the articles will not be long, but they are important.

  6. Some general tactics would be great. As well as stuff on the other races.

  7. Well jolly I find they don't change the way I play much. Watchtower and Blood and Glory obviously do, and I find Battle for the Pass suits me down to the ground. ^^

    Anyway, what mission would you guys like me to start on? It's something I've been wanting to do for a while, and magic isn't something I'm that enthused about, as I only get my own lores.


  8. Save Watchtower for last. It is the most difficult to figure out. I would suggest covering Dawn Attack, but if you do not want to do the basic three, start with Battle for the Pass. It is the most straight forward of the really new ones.

  9. Oh I'm not going to not do any scenario! I'm just going to cover those three, and probably battle for the pass in one article!

  10. Start from posting detailed reports of battles with your Skaven, and then spin off posts about tactics to use in situations you encountered.

    Everything based on real battle situations is gold - there's too much math breaking and theorising on the web.

    The key is a precise battle notation...

  11. Well I'm getting a game in come Saturday. Against High Elves or Lizardmen most likely. I'll probably have to proxy a little, as I don't have catapults, or all my Skaven built yet. And my army is grey :P

    But I'm trying to get a Tale of Painters started, so it should get painted up quite quickly.