Monday, 11 October 2010

You Suck And This Is Why. Part II.

Once again we have an installment of You Suck And This is Why. Now I realise some of you might find this offensive, as people don't like being told when they're wrong, or how they're bad at something. Frankly, it's good for you. I recently learned, for example, that fleeing units don't keep fleeing if they're charged successfully. They die. So, to the article!


Well, here's one. Fleeing units don't keep fleeing if successfully charged. They die. This is pretty big, all said. It means a unit that breaks from a nearby unit dying in combat is quite likely (circumstance providing) to bite the bullet if they don't rally quickly. Not much I can say about this, it's just nasty.


This relates nicely to the new charge system. What's changes is you declare a charge, resolve reaction, rinse repeat till they're all declared. Then you resolve them in any order you wish. Yeah, that's big. So say you're charged by a bloodthirster and Daemonettes. You opt to stand and shoot the daemonettes, but flee from the thirster. So clever, you think. The Daemon Player can just opt to charge with the Bloodthirster first, so you flee and don't get your stand and shoot. Who's clever now? I find that the new system helps chargers a lot, but doesn't do much for the chargee (i.e. myself). But hey, if I can have Warp Lightning Cannons you can have this rule.


This next point touches back to a previous artile I wrote, about shooting in 8th edition. This is something that may seem like common sense, but after some of the things I've witnessed... Well basically, it isn't apparently. This applies to magic too. As a general rule, fire weapons that use templates, or use the number of models in the unit as the number of hits, or have any kind of mechanism where the number of models in the unit increases the damage of whatever it is hitting them FIRST. Watching a Dwarf Player fire his Organ Gun into some Black Orcs and halfing the unit, then getting half the hits with his Grudge Thrower on same unit is just depressing! Obviously there's exceptions. For example in my batrep I fired all my weapons before my WLC at a unit of white lions, so the unit would be small enough for the WLC to pick Teclis out (and I nailed him, the arrogant SOAB). However, as a general rule, templates first folks. I can't believe this made it on here. >_<


Ok this next bit involves magics. No you're not getting a magic article yet! Back in your cages! However, it is pretty important. It's on the matter of dispulsion. Imagine, pray, that we have an army with a solitary level 4 wizard and a level 2 wizard, up against an army with a level 2 wizard and a level 4 wizard. The level 2 wizard casts a spell on some number, like a 5. Now, you know the level 4 wizard has some big spells to churn out, and you want your level 4 around to dispel those. What do you do? No timmy, you don't use your level 4 to powerhouse his small casting value. You use your level 2. Why? Well...

With your level 4 you might be tempted to one dice it. However there's a 1/3 chance you roll a 1-2 and automatically fail and he can't dispel anything for the rest of the phase. Damn, that'd suck. So once dicing it is out. However you're guaranteed to either dispel it on two dice with a level 2 or 4, or just roll a 2. So why in the name of all that's holy would you bother using your level 4?

Obviously this is a very simple scenario, but I'm just trying to convey the message. You don't always want to use your level 4 to dispel things when other options are available. Just sayin.


Finally, a small point I have and would like to put a fair bit of emphasis on. It's very important for armies like mine with bad across the board LD, where panic is a problem. The point is correct spacing of units. Now I admit it's impossible to have all your units spread out 6". But what you should do is have fragile units that are likely to be wiped out by shooting/magic spread out, and bridge the spaces with bigger units, or units that dont cause panic. Small point, but an important one. You can see some examples of where I did (or didn't! >:) do this in my Batrep.

Hope you guys enjoyed the article.


  1. I'm not a WHFB player, however your points were clear enough that I understood the gist. Keep up the good work!

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    Good man.

  3. Archy: thanks a bunch. That's kinda the point =)

  4. Well played miss, well played.

    Good girl/gal just sounds demeaning though. I'm going to go with "replace good man with "clever"".


  5. I can live with "clever gal". I kinda like it.


    "Clever Girl"

  7. I'm pleasantly flattered at being called a man-eater. =)