Wednesday, 13 October 2010

A Matter of Life and Death. Part Two.

So folks, back again to touch on a matter of Life and Death. This time we're on the Lore of Death. This, I believe is the best "killy" lore in the BRB. Not because it destroys units wholesale. No, because it will absolutely obliterate important models. At least, if you know how to use it. Also, Soulblight can swing entire turns in your favour. Finally, Purple Sun can swing entire games in your favour. Enjoy.

Lore Attribute: Life Leeching
One of the things that makes this a powerhouse lore. Especially combined with our friends the Druchii and their damn power of darkness. Well, lets see. Spells we have that cause damage, 4. One of them is Purple Sun, which can (and often does) bring you back up to 12 dice per casting. Stupid attribute. But it's nice even if you do 3 or so wounds and get a dice back. Solid attribute, helps the lore get all it's spells through.

Default Spell: Spirit Leech ***
This is a weird one. It's good... sometimes. Usually when this is good, it's really good. For example, against my army it's great for hurting my grey seers. But sometimes it's just not good. It's also great against things like Stegadons, as long as they're not near the LD10 Slann. However this lore specialises in bumping off generals, so that can be arranged!

Spell#1: Aspect of the Dreadknight*
Bleh. With the rise of LD and rerolls, as well as the number of ItP armies out there this is a definite "meh". It can be not bad combined with doom and darkness though, especially if you bump off the general. It's also easy to cast. But after the nerf of fear, I'd rather have something else. That said, it is REALLY easy to cast. Feel free to throw a random dice at it.

Spell#2 Caress of Laniph ***
This is a pretty good spell for bumping off heroes. Especially mages. On average this does 2 wounds to a strength 3 model. Basically this spell bumps off level 2 mages, or other important low strength models. Or teclis. Teclis does not like this spell. However this does tend to get underused compared to its big brother Fate of Bjuna. It is a good spell and not a bad thing, especially if you're bumping off a BSB.

Spell#3 Soulblight*****
Mhm, now we have the big daddy. Well, the big daddy debuff. The spell shadow wishes it had. Note it's 5 stars. That's only for the big version. And boy is it big. -1S and -1T for all enemies within 24" is HUGE. Especially for the army I advise use death the most. Dark Elves. -1T across the board pretty much means RxBows have their big weakness removed. However if you're any other army using this lore, you should still see a huge effect from this spell. It is massive. I shouldn't even need to explain it. I will however try to sum it up in a word. Quantohorribilific. That's not right, but it's damn close.

Spell#4 Doom and Darkness ****
Ah a classic spell, that's now for some reason really easy to cast! Fantastic. So, uses for this spell include casting it on the general. Other uses are combining it with Spirit Leech. A good spell as well for the aforementioned DE gunline. Reducing the enemy general to LD6 is a good way to get people to panic (most armies will be LD7 or LD8 then). If you can combine that with assassinating the BSB with the following spell, then good for you!

Spell#5 Fate of Bjuna*****
Ah this is absolutely fantastic. Great for getting rid of pretty much anything, but especially characters. This is a great cast on enemy lv4s to establish magical dominance for the rest of the game. On average against a lvl4 you'll do 4 wounds. Woopity! This is pretty much the premier assassination spell of the game. I'm really just trying to fill space here, Death is a fairly simple lore... it's all about the execution, but that differs so much it'd be hard to teach. Basically this spell is best used to establish magical dominance, and then pick off the remaning elements of the opponents army, like the BSB. Difficult spell to talk about in depth though... this isn't the most subtle lore. Like I say though it can require a bit of finesse. Unlike this next spell.

Spell#6 Purple Sun of Xereus ******
Ho hum. Herp a derp. Derp derp derp. Herp derp derp derp.

Ok seriously. This spell isn't actually all it's cracked up to be. Why? Ever tried casting it against elves? It's a very selective spell. However it does have its uses. Demolishing artillery and armies with standard I3 or lower is one of them. The other is acting as a battery. Basically, if you're going for important targets, then plain go for it. If it's single models don't feel the need to use the large blast. Seriously, sorry this lore doesn't go very in depth, but when it's so blunt and sledgehammery, it's hard to talk about, anyway. However, if you're trying to battery, fire it wherever you're likely to cause the most wounds and reap those power dice! This is why I dislike the Dark Elf magic phase so much. Getting a bonus eleventy billion dice per turn isn't exactly fun. You'll notice I mention DE a lot in this article. They rock with Soul Leeching and Power of Darkness. Stupid amounts of dice, 60% of the time, all the time.

Hope you guys enjoyed the article.

Stay Classy.